Shark Tournament

I’m a few weeks on July 9th, if nothing is done, there will be a trophy tournament in Jupiter, Florida for sharks.

Over 250 species of shark are labeled as endangered, critically endangered, vulnerable or data deficient. That means we don’t know enough about them to say whether or not they are at risk of extinction yet.

This is so disheartening to know that some of these species will be killed for sport. They will be slaughtered, and while on the brink of extinction, it’s legal. How does this make sense? It doesn’t.

Please hope by signing this petition to get this senseless killing stopped. Fishing for food is not a terrible thing but this is sport. This is completely unnecessary and sickening. Our planet depends on species like sharks to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

6 thoughts on “Shark Tournament

  1. Where is the link/ info/ proof to this tournament??!!! Are you protesting against something that you have proof is actually taking place? You can make up anything and get people to protest anything on


  2. Can you put a link to the actual tournament? I’ve looked everywhere. I can’t see it. I don’t want to sign a petition for a fake cause even if I support your motives. I want to save the sharks. I don’t want to get paid for being bogus.



      Here is a little more info. I don’t live in Florida and from what I hear the FB page with the info is private because they are reviving so much push back. If you don’t want to sign a petition, that’s totally fine, you can always call/email/write the people who are involved including NOAA & the FWC. All the contact info is listed in the link above.


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