🦈Shark Week🦈

Humans NEED sharks, and sharks need humans, but they only need humans to care about them and keep them safe. Humans kill over 11,000 sharks EVERY HOUR!! That’s more than 100 million sharks a year. These numbers are not sustainable. Sharks are killed for their fins, their liver oil, or just for trophy or “sport” and sometimes out of fear. There are over 500 species of shark and less than 10% are considered dangerous to humans. Truth be told, no sharks bits humans for food, it’s usually a test bite because they are curious and humans are in their habitat. Hey don’t know what we are and are trying to learn why we are there. Are we a threat? Are we good? They aren’t sure so it’s not usually on purpose. Humans, however, kill sharks on purpose and for no good reason. Eating shark fin or shark meat is actually not good for us. It’s high in mercury and other chemicals that are harmful for humans to consume. We need to instead, see their beauty and wonder. We need to know sharks keep our oceans healthy. They pick off sick and injured fish. They eat turtles and seals, depending on the species.

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