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My friend, Ella, and I started our own YouTube channel to educate and inspire kids. People sometimes tell us not to worry about the planet or that 1 plastic cup, or straw. Don’t worry that our planet is dying and we are slowing extending her misery. Don’t worry that the ocean, which basically gives us life is being killed at an unbelievable rate.
We do worry, kids worry. We know we want change, we know we need change. We are a small population but we are all part fit what future so we can and will create change. We can better be planet if you let our voices be heard. Let us work, let us care, let us be the change for our planet. Last week we talked about the Amazon and how important it is to take care of. This week we will address single use plastics as well as talk to a very special guest. Tune in, check it out and give us a follow. It’s important! It’s time! Time for kids to make a difference and be heard! It’s time for our worry to feel real and let’s address it with some real solutions!

Fossil hunting

Last week we went fossil hunting in Myrtle beach, SC. Doesn’t sound possible right? I mean, we were literally walking in the beach like any other day but looking for something thousands of years old. It was crazy to just look around and shark teeth are everywhere! How do we not see this? Why do so many people go to cheap gift shops and buy shark tooth necklaces when you can just go to the beach and find one and make your own? Why?

Because it’s easier! But it’s actually terrible for the environment. The shark tooth necklaces you buy in gift shops have fresh white shark teeth while the ones on the beach are black. Do you know why? The white ones are from sharks harvested strait from the ocean either by illegal fishing or by catch. We NEED sharks in the ocean. We need them for healthy ecosystems. We need to learn they are more important where they belong than in a bowl of soup or a cheap novelty necklace. We need more amazing ecotourism options for people to go in the ocean and see these great predators in their own environment.

Keep The TN River Beautiful Cleanup

I was able to help with a river cleanup hosed by Keep the TN River Beautiful. They have been awarded a huge grant and with t they have gotten a boat, motor and a truck. Now they can reach places they couldn’t before.

Today, we cleaned over 850 pounds of trash!! There was so much more that we didn’t get to. I can’t wait to get back ot with them and save our River, one piece at a time!


3 more dives and I will be a certified Jr. open water diver. I am so excited and this has been so fun but SCUBA is hard and very tiring. I can’t wait to see where I go in the world to dive and what I get to see and explore!

FLW Tour

I had the amazing opportunity to speak about my monofilament recycling at the final weigh in of the FLW tournament in Dayton, Tennessee. This was such a fun and wonderful experience.

Monofilament fishing line kills so many animals every year if/when it’s improperly discarded or just thrown out if the line is broken. This is something easy we can change and make our waterways better!

🌊World Oceans Day🌊


World oceans day is one day to raise awareness for our oceans and it’s amazing ecosystems. Our planet is covered by 70% water so it’s truly the blue planet and not a green planet.

Our oceans crest over 70% of the worlds oxygen. We need healthy oceans to have a healthy earth.

NO BLUE, NO GREEN -Sylvia Earl.

World Environment Day

🐟World Environment Day🐟
How are you spending it?!
I met with the wonderful people from FishDayton in Dayton, Tennessee to place 2 monofilament recycling receptacles to collect discarded or broken fishing line. The line collected will go to Berkley Fishing and recycled into fish habitats to further enrich our beautiful waterways.

Monofilament recycling

I was able to collect fishing line from the monofilament recycling stations I put out along the Tennessee River! I am so excited these are working and that means our rivers and the animals that depends on it will be less likely up be harmed. Fishing line takes 600+ years to breakdown and can entangle do many animals in that time.

My newest project

A few months ago I received my first grant! Yes, at the age of 10, you can apply and receive grants. If your young like me, don’t let your age stop you! You can do great things too.

My grant is for placing monofilament recycling stations near boat ramps to reduce thrown out fishing line which can entangle and harm/kill wildlife. I know because I ah e seen the effects from this and I want to help. With help from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, I have placed 2 and plan to put more out in the future. This is a simple project but no one near me has thought about it.

I have met with our mayor and other local influencers on this project and I am very appreciative everyone is willing to listen and help in any way.