New projects coming your way!

I’m on top of the world because I’ve been awarded my first grant to further my work. Conservation is very important to me, especially for our freshwater! Streams, creeks, and rivers are somewhat overlooked but they need a tremendous amount of work and effort put into them. Not a single thing on this planet can live without water! It’s a vital resource that must be protected and it needs to happen now!


“Treecycling” is the process of recycling your live Christmas tree to ensure that your tree is used to help the environment after the holiday season. Recycling your Christmas tree can be done at home or in your community. These trees were graciously donated to our local autism to be out in exhibit after the needles fall off to give shelter & the occasional hiding spot to a fish and maybe a turtle or 2. What a great way to “treecycle”!!
What did you do with your tree to recycle it or give back to the environment?

Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

Film….. something I was not too familiar with. I have never written, worked with, produced, or directed anything, until now! The Youth Ocean Conservation Summit kicks off with a film festival every year and there’s a competition held among youth to showcase their projects and passions. How can I change the ocean where I live? I live in Tennessee which is a landlocked state so people often think I’m wasting my time. I’m not! The Tennessee river is terribly polluted with microplastic. So I made a film and WON! My very first short film was screened at the film festival and I met so many cool people who work tirelessly to give back to our ocean. Here it is, check it out!

The Kelly Clarkson Show

I was so excited to be invited as a guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show! My family took a short trip to Los Angeles and spent Halloween there taping the show and enjoying the city.

While in the show, Chloe Mae (a fellow OceanHero camper) and myself met Jason Momoa and Andre & Alex from 4ocean to talk about our work. I am one of very few kids that focus on rivers bc I live in a landlocked state and 80% of ocean trash starts in land!

Our rivers are often overlooked but very polluted. The Tennessee River where I live, is the most polluted with microplastics than any other river tested in the world.

Thank you Kelly Clarkson for sharing my story and letting me raise my voice!

Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful Month

What are YOU doing for Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful Month?
I wanted Chattanooga to participate in the celebration of October as “Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful Month,” so I requested a proclamation from Mayor Andy Berke.
I picked up the proclamation with Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful Executive Director, Kathleen Gibi , at Chattanooga City Hall! A photo by the Tennessee River was also a must!
Also thanks to Tennessee Valley Authority for partnering with us to start Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful Month!


I was able to go visit the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute (TNACI) and learn about the lake sturgeon efforts they are involved in. Sturgeon all over the world were labeled as “trash fish” but once the value for their eggs, which produce high dollar caviar, was discovered, these fish went neatly extinct. TNACI does amazing work with these fish and release thousands every year back into our waterways. These fish are slow to mature and reproduce so conservation and education is vital to their continued existence.

Ripple Effect Awards

Standout Youth Category

Ultimately, protecting our river today ensures that it’s beautiful and healthy to be enjoyed for generations to come. With this award category, we seek to recognize either a youth individual or youth group (18 years or younger) taking the matters of their future into their own hands, doing exceptional work to protect the Tennessee River.

I revived this amazing award over the weekend. It was an amazing experience and while I was there, I got to finally meet Chad Pregracke, the founder of Living Lands and Waters. He is my personal hero and I couldn’t be happier!

🌎Global climate strike🌏

I participated in the Global Climate strike in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We had a small crowd compared to other places but I guess that’s expected in the Deep South where everyone just believes everything is fine. I heard things like “it’s dangerous to give kids a voice” and “these kids have no idea what heya red talking about”.

We may be young but sometimes, the best things come from young minds. Our voices aren’t dangerous, but again, where I am from, we are to be seen and not heard. We aren’t given much opinion. I have been very blessed to be surrounded by people who allow my voice to be heard.

We will make a difference! We will make a change! All thanks to our dangerous voices!

Keep Tennessee Beautiful

I was invited to go to Keep Tennessee Beautiful’s Biennial Conference. I was able to meet some of the states most influential leaders in recycling and beautification. I was also able to meet Tennessee’s First Lady, Maria Lee. Mrs. Lee was the keynote speaker and was very inspiring. She has an amazing movement happening in Tennessee with #TNserves. I hope I get to go again next year. It was such an awesome experience.

Readers & Writers fair

I was able to share my work with people at the Chattanooga Readers & Writers fair. There were authors that ranged from 9-98! I was the youngest but it was so cool to see how many different people and works were present. My book “One Small Piece” tells a little about my story and how our rivers need help. You can check it out on Amazon.