History for Sharks

It is official! Canada has just become the first country to pass #finfree legislation banning the import and export of shark fins.
Rob Stewart dreamed of a fin free Canada and began a movement across the country in 2011. Canada imports nearly 170,000kg of shark fin a year – making it one of the largest importers of shark fin outside of China.
Today, history has been set, and a chain of events into motion that we hope leads to a worldwide ban. We salute Rob’s parents, Sandy and Brian, for tirelessly working to fulfill his vision, and join them in thanking the Canadian Parliament for taking this important step to save sharks and protect ocean ecosystems.

Check out more about Rob Stewart, his dreams and legacy, and if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch Sharkwater & Sharkwater Extinction! Go now, RUN! It’s an eye opener for sure!


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